Holiday Menu - Villa Vittoria

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Burrata __ Soft, fresh Italian cheese, with prosciutto, sliced tomatoes and roasted red peppers. Topped with balsamic glaze. 17.95

Cold Antipasto per Due __ A dish for two. Assorted appetizers consisting of fresh Mozzarella and Provolone cheese and Soppressata, roasted red peppers, artichoke hearts, green olives, prosciutto di Parma and sliced melon. 28.95

Shrimp Cocktail __ Shrimp served with cocktail sauce. 17.95

Insalata di Mare __ Shrimp, calamari, baby octopus and scungilli. Marinated in lemon, garlic, extra-virgin olive oil and fresh herbs. 19.95

Salmone Affumigato __ Thin layered smoked salmon served with diced asparagus and red onions over pesto sauce. 19.95


Mozzarella in Carroza __ 13.95

Stuffed Mushrooms__ Stuffed with crabmeat in a Bechamel sauce. 16.95

Oysters Rockefeller __ Stuffed with onions, spinach, bacon and bread crumbs in light lemon butter sauce. 20.95

Antipasto Bella Mamma __ (A dish for two) Stuffed Mushrooms, eggplant Rollatine, shrimp, mussels, clams oreganata, mozzarella in carroza and fried calamari. 33.95

Clams Casino __ Baked Clam on the half shell, breadcrumbs, peppers, onions and bacon 15.95

Calamari Fritti __ Fried calamari with tomato basil sauce on the side. 17.95


Insalata Tricolore __ Radicchio, arugula, Belgium endive, red onions and tomatoes , tossed in extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 10.95

Caesar Salad __ 10.95

Sautéed Broccoli Rabe 11.95


Linguine alle Vongole __ Little neck and chopped clams sautéed in extra virgin olive oil, garlic, basil and white wine. 30.95

Gamberoni FraDiavolo __ Shrimp sautéed in a fresh plum tomatoes hot sauce. Over a bed of linguine. 32.95

Flounder and Shrimp Francese __ Shrimp and Flounder dipped in egg, sautéed in lemon, white wine and spices. Served over capellini pasta. 38.95

Zuppa di Pesce __ A special combination of lobster tail, scallops, shrimp, clams, calamari and mussels in a red seafood sauce. Served on a bed of linguine. 47.95

Halibut e Gamberi … Fish and shrimp Oreganatta. Served with capellini pasta sauteed in garlic, olive oil, olives and scallions. 39.95

Salmone e Canestreli al Forno … Salmon and Scallops baked With Seasoned Bread Crumbs, Garlic, Olive Oil And A Touch Of Fresh Tomato Served Over Fresh Baby Field Greens. 39.95

Linguine Malafemmina … Lobster tail, shrimp and clams sautéed with wild mushrooms, fresh tomato, garlic and white wine. Served over linguine pasta. 43.95


Vitello alla Casa __ Breaded veal cutlet topped with thinly sliced eggplant and mozzarella cheese in a marinara sauce. 32.95

Vitello Marsala … Veal medallions sautéed with mushrooms and Marsala wine. 32.95

Vitello Pavaroti … Veal cutlet stuffed with prosciutto, Mozzarella and shrimp served with shiitake mushrooms in a brandy demi glaze cream sauce. 38.95

Saltimbocca … Veal medallions served over fresh spinach. Topped with prosciutto and mozzarella cheese, in sherry wine brown sauce. 32.96


Pollo alla Parmigiana __ Breaded breast of chicken topped with mozzarella in a marinara sauce. 26.95

Pollo alla Francese __ Breast of chicken, dipped in egg, sautéed in lemon, white wine and spices. 28.95

Pollo alla Vodka __ Grilled and sliced breast of chicken served over rigatoni sautéed in vodka pink cream sauce. 28.95

Pollo Rollatine __ Breast of chicken stuffed with prosciutto, mozzarella, spinach and artichoke hearts; Sautéed with shiitake mushrooms, cream and demi-glaze sauce with a touch of Marsala wine. Surrounded by meat tortellini and green peas. 30.95


Rigatoni alla Vodka __ Rigatoni pasta in a pink vodka cream sauce. 23.95

Lobster Ravioli San Remo __ with sautéed shrimp, asparagus and shiitake mushrooms; served in a roasted garlic and brandy cream sauce. 33.95

Capellini Barese __ Angel hair pasta with shrimp, Italian sausage and broccoli. Sautéed in garlic and olive oil sauce. 33.95

Fettuccine Alfredo con Gamberi__ Shrimp and fettuccine pasta sautéed with cream and freshly grated parmesan cheese. 33.95


New Zealand Rack of Lamb __ Grilled New Zealand rack of lamb topped with mushrooms in a Barolo red wine sauce. Served with sautéed broccoli rabe. 56.95

Mare e Terra __ Surf and Turf. Grilled filet mignon and lobster tail. 56.95

Fileto di Manzo Amalfi __ Grilled filet mignon topped with roasted shallots, shrimp and Shiitake mushrooms in a cognac cream sauce. 56.95

Bistecca alla Griglia __ Grilled to your taste New York Black Angus strip steak. 45.95

Il BAMBINI - The kids 10.95 Baked Zitti Fettuccine Alfredo Chicken Parmigiana Veal Parmigiana Chicken Fingers Cheese Ravioli