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72 Elm Road
Corner of Houston Street
Newark, NJ, 07105
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Lunch - Tony Da Caneca

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  • Clams in Green Sauce10.50

  • Shrimp in Garlic Sauce10.50

  • Clams "Portuguese Style"10.50

  • King Crab Leg w/ Garlic Sauce16.00

  • Clams "Spanish Style"10.50

  • Mussels in Marinara Sauce9.00

  • Clams w/ Fresh Garlic and Olive Oil10.50

  • Baked Scallops in the Shell10.00

  • Grilled Shrimp Unshelled w/ Hot Sauce9.50

  • Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail9.50

  • Sausage Flambe "Portuguese Style"

  • Fried Squid w/ Hot Sauce9.50

  • Clams on Half Shell (1 dz-1/2 dz)

  • Stuffed Clams "Tony da Caneca" (1/2 dz)11.00


  • Mixed Green Salad


  • Cilantro Soup "Alentejana"4.50


  • Cheese Omelette9.00

  • Shrimp Omelette10.50

  • Tortilha of Shellfish12.00

  • Vegetarian Paelha11.00


  • Broiled Swordfish Steak15.00

  • Broiled Salmon Filet14.00

  • Grilled Squid w/ Clams and Cilantro14.00

  • Grilled Squid12.00

  • Fried Squid w/ Hot Sauce12.00

  • Seafood Comb. (Brolied or Fried)17.00

  • Paelha "Valenciana"19.00

  • Broiled Baby Lobster Tails (6/ oz)18.00

  • Filet of Flounder Sauteed w/ Shrimp15.00

  • Broiled Filet of Flounder13.00

  • Filet of Sole w/ Banana "Delicia"14.00

  • Baked Flounder w/Snow Crab Meat15.00

  • Shrimp w/Saffron Rice15.00

  • Shrimp Creole15.00

  • Mixed Shellfish w/ Rice (Zarzuela)15.00

  • Monkfish w/ Shrimp in Green Sauce16.00

  • Mariscada in Green Sauce19.00

  • Chunks of Grouper w/ Artichokes17.00


  • Charocal Broiled Lamb Loin Chops18.00

  • Veal Sauteed w/ Mushrooms "Madrilena"14.00

  • Pork Medallions w/ Cilantro Sauce14.00

  • Chunks of Pork w/ Clams "Alentejana"16.00

  • Charcoal Filet of Pork13.00

  • Chunks of Pork w/ Clams and Mussels15.00

  • Pork Meat "Portuguese Style"14.00

  • Roasted Suckling Pig18.00

  • Grilled Pork Chops14.00

  • Sauteed Pork Chops w/ Provencal Sauce16.00

  • Grilled Chicken w/ Hot Sauce10.00

  • Chicken Breast in Garlic Sauce13.00

  • Broiled Chicken Breast12.00

  • Chicken Breast Sauteed w/ Mushrooms14.00

  • Beef "Picadinho"14.00

  • Beefsteak "Marrare"16.00

  • Roast Duck w/ Caramel and Lemon Sauce14.00

  • Baked Lamb Chunks in a Wine Sauce15.00

  • Rabbit Stew "Portuguese" Style17.00

  • Charcoal Broiled Shell Steak17.00

  • Charcoal Broiled Short Ribs of Beef17.00

  • Skewered of Beef "Picanha"16.00

  • Sauteed Beef Steak "Bitoque" w/Egg15.00

  • Grilled Skirt Steak18.00


  • Flan Pudding (Caramel Custard)4.00

  • Rice Pudding4.00

  • Cheese Cake6.00

  • Chocolate Mousse Cake6.00

  • Chocolate Mousse5.00

  • Toasted Almond Cream Cake7.00

  • Passion Fruit Mousse5.00

  • Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate3.00

  • Tartufo6.00

  • Pineapple Sherbert7.00

  • Orange Sherbert & Lemon Sherbert5.00

  • Carrot Cake6.00

  • Creme Brulee5.00

  • Tiramissu Cake6.00

  • Serradura5.00

  • Coconut Sorbet6.00

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.
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