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Martini & Cocktails - Clydz

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  • absolut mess11.00

    absolut flavored vodkas, triple sec, lime, cranberry

  • apple pie12.00

    apple vodka, apple liqueur, licor 43, honey, cinnamon

  • bloody martini12.00

    absolut peppar, clydz bloody mary mix

  • blue lagoon11.00

    : citrus vodka, cointreau, blue curacao, lemonade

  • clydz cooler13.00

    raspberry or blueberry vodka, fresh berries, citrus vodka, cranberry

  • destroyer13.00

    clydz sweet tea vodka, st. germain, lemonade, cucumber

  • dirty tomolive13.00

    stolichnaya, dry vermouth, tomolive brine

  • green tea-n11.00

    stolichnaya, tropical green tea, lemonade, triple sec, honey

  • hawaii five-o11.00

    vanilla vodka, cointreau, pineapple, lime

  • holiday inn13.00

    strawberry-rose vodka, st. germain, cucumber, lime, chambord

  • intelligent gimlet11.00

    raspberry vodka, citrus vodka, lime

  • italian ice11.00

    cherry vodka, cranberry, grenadine, citrus

  • leninade11.00

    citrus vodka, lemonade, grenadine, mint

  • lychee13.00

    stolichnaya, st. germain, lychee puree

  • pete’s mochatini13.00

    espresso vodka, kahlua, godiva dark chocolate, espresso

  • phillip k. belton13.00

    tito’s, cocchi americano, luxardo, orange bitters

  • secret strawberry12.00

    strawberry vodka, cranberry, grenadine, citrus

  • sorbet12.00

    raspberry vodka, chambord, cranberry, lime

  • what dreams are made of12.00

    orange vodka, cointreau, passionfruit, grenadine

gins & pimm’s

  • monks gone wild13.00

    pimm’s, green chartreuse, strawberries, cucumber, lemonade

  • pimm’s cup12.00

    pimm’s, lemonade, cucumber, gingerale

  • satan’s whiskers12.00

    plymouth, grand marnier, dry vermouth, sweet vermouth, orange

  • clydz classic12.00

    bombay dry, lillet, orange

  • cucumber gimlet13.00

    hendricks, cucumber, mint, sugar, lime, st. germain

  • earl grey’s anatomy14.00

    clydz earl grey gin, lemon, sugar, egg white

  • gin gin mule12.00

    beefeater, domaine de canton, lime, mint, ginger beer


  • don’t drink too many of these12.00

    apple liqueur, pear brandy, champagne

  • french 5512.00

    vodka, st. germain, lemon, pineapple, champagne

  • passion of clydz11.00

    passion fruit puree, champagne


  • bishop12.00

    bacardi, lemon, simple syrup, rioja

  • latinopolitan12.00

    bacardi limon, cointreau, cranberry, lime, mint

  • victoria’s secret12.00

    cruzan pineapple, malibu, pineapple, chambord

  • zombie apocalypse12.00

    rum, absinthe, cointreau, apricot brandy, grenadine, citrus


  • almost famous13.00

    don julio blanco, pama, st. germain, lime, sugar, egg white

  • garden party13.00

    don julio reposado, agave, lime, bell pepper, thai bitters

  • mexicali mule12.00

    patron silver, domaine de canton, lime, grapefruit, mint, ginger beer

  • mezcal old-fashioned13.00

    mezcal, orange, agave, chocolate bitters, angostura bitters

  • passion fruit margarita12.00

    silver tequila, cointreau, chambord, passionfruit, lime, orange

  • smokey donkey13.00

    mezcal, domaine de canton, st. germain, passionfruit, lime, ginger beer


  • bourbon & cigarettes13.00

    bulleit bourbon, carpano antica, aperol, allspice dram, orange bitters

  • consiglieri13.00

    jameson, cocchi di torino, amaro nonino, aphrodite bitters

  • hub city press14.00

    basil hayden’s, averna, luxardo, lemon, sugar, orange bitters

  • lavender rush13.00

    buffalo trace, vanilla, lavender-honey syrup, lemon

  • tennessee williams13.00

    old overholdt, scotch, cocchi di torino, luxardo, walnut bitters

  • vieux carre13.00

    old overholdt, hennessy vs, cocchi di torino, benedictine, angostura

  • william cameron coup13.00

    woodford reserve, carpano antica, averna, xocolatl bitters


  • aviation12.00

    plymouth, crème de violette, luxardo, lemon

  • caipirinha (classic, raspberry, or passionfruit)12.00

    cachaca, pressed lime, sugar

  • corpse reviver ii12.00

    bombay, lillet, cointreau, lemon juice, absinthe

  • hemingway12.00

    flor de cana, luxardo, lime, grapefruit, orange bitters

  • the last word13.00

    old tom gin, green chartreuse, luxardo, lime

  • moscow mule13.00

    stolichynaya, lime, sugar, mint, peychaud’s bitters, ginger beer

  • negroni12.00

    tanqueray, campari, cocchi di torino

  • old fashioned12.00

    buffalo trace, orange, sugar, angostura bitters

  • pisco sour13.00

    pisco, lemon, sugar, egg white, angostura bitters

  • sazerac12.00

    bulleit rye, sugar, peychaud’s bitters, absinthe

  • sidecar13.00

    hennessy vs, cointreau, lemon, sugar rim

  • sloe gin fizz13.00

    sloe gin, lemon, sugar, egg white

  • vesper13.00

    bombay, lillet, tito’s

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.
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