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106 Walnut Avenue
Cranford, NJ, 07016
Fax: (908) 474-9620
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Cafe Paris

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Specialty Teas


Sweet Crepes

  • 6* Crepe Suzette10.99

    (Fresh oranges, orange sauce, Grand Marnier)

  • 5* Crepe A La Framboise10.99

    (Fresh raspberries and homemade orange and berry sauces)

  • 11* Crepe A La Banane10.99

    (Fresh bananas, walnuts, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream)

    (All sweet crêpes are served with whipped cream and powdered sugar)
    Add a scoop of homemade vanilla or chocolate ice cream, or fresh fruit, or Nutella for $1.50
    Add sauce or jam for $1
    All crêpes can be made gluten free $1.50 more

  • 1* Crepe Au Sucre6.99

    (Plain crepe with sugar and butter)

  • 2* Crepe A La Confiture Or Peanut Butter8.99

    (Choices: apricot, raspberry, strawberry jams or peanut butter

  • 3* Crepe Mocha10.99

    (Nutella and chocolate sauce)

  • 4* Crepe A La Pomme10.99

    (Fresh apple and carmel sauce)

  • 12* Crepe Peche Mignon10.99

    (Fresh pineapple and mango, caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream)

  • 13* Crepe Melba10.99

    (Fresh peaches and strawberries, homemade berry sauce and vanilla ice cream)

  • 14* Crepe A La Mousse Au Chocolat10.99

    (Homemade chocolate mousse, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream)

  • 9* Crepe Chocolat D'Amour10.99

    (Fresh strawberries, Nutella, chocolate and berry sauces and chocolate ice cream)

  • 7* Crepe Royale10.99

    (Fresh bananas and strawberries, Nutella, chocolate and berry sauces

  • 8* Crepe Aux Fruits Rouges10.99

    (Mixed berries, chocolate mousse, chocolate sauce and berry sauce)

  • 10* Crepe A La Fraise10.99

    (Fresh strawberries and blueberries homemade berry sauce and strawberry ice cream)

Cold Drinks

Assorted Desserts

  • "Ask your server how to order a whole homemade cake or pie to bring home"

  • Assorted Cakes And Homemade Fruit Pies5.99

    (berry tart, apple pie, pecan pie, almond cake, carrot cake, chocolate layer cake, and NY plain cheesecake)
    Add ice cream or fruit to your cake for $1.50

  • Homemade Creme Brulee6.99

    (with caramelized brown sugar)

  • Homemade Chocolate Mousse6.99

    (with whipped cream)

  • Profiterolles6.99

    (Vanilla cream puffs, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream)

  • delete Mudslide6.99

    (Chocolate and coffee ice cream pie, whipped cream and chocolate sauce)

  • Ice Cream4.99

    (Homemade vanilla or chocolate ice cream with whipped cream)

  • delete Homemade Raspberry Sorbet5.99

    (with whipped cream)

Espresso Drinks

Shakes And Smoothies

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.
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