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The Story

The twenties, a time when politics was a joyous way of life and civic corruption had a curiously innocent quality ~ at least from today's prospective. Few politicians have personified their times more vividly than Jimmy Walker, the handsome , flamboyant mayor of New York City from 1926 to 1932. The democratic mayor was a tough kid from Greenwich Village whose many friends included not only the era's most powerful politicos, criminals, gamblers, and businessmen but also such Broadway celebrities as Damon Runyon, George M. Cohan, and George Jessel. With his show-biz style and friends and his frank enjoyment for life at home and abroad, he quickly became the toast of the town and the world. Walker had the gift of inspiring a fierce devotion that far more deserving men might envy. In the grim thirties, as America reeled from the stock market crash, Seabury Commission investigation into hidden brokerage accounts forced Walker to resign his office and take an extended vacation in Europe. You now sit in another of Jimmy's Vacation spots ~ Jimmy Walker's Summer Home ~ "Cafe Italiano" now occupies one of the most famous and historic homes of This Region. We are proud of its fine architecture of days past and of the fine cuisine served today. Sit back, relax and please enjoy the experience.