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  • Bottarga, Botargo (n): A Mediterranean delicacy of cured tuna or mullet roe lightly salted, pressed, and sun-dried. Bottagra is grated or shaved and served on pasta or salad. It has been ancient tradition kept alive by Sardinian fishermen.

Raw Bar




  • East Coast Oysters2.50

  • West Coast Oysters3.50

  • Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail15.00

  • Colossal Crab Meat Cocktail16.00

  • Raw Bar Sampler19.00

    three clams, threes oysters, two shrimp, crabmeat cocktai

  • Half Dozen Little Neck Clams7.00


  • Bottagra Antipasto14.00

    Italian salumi, cheeses, olives, roasted peppers, tuscan beans, artichoke

  • Fried Calamari11.00

    roasted garlic, tomato basil sauce

  • Jumbo Lump Crab Crab Cake15.00

    micro greens, herb dijon remoulade

  • Spinach Malfatti10.00

    housemade ricotta dumplings, sun-dried tomato, pink sauce

  • Mussels Fradiavolo11.00

    prince edward island mussels, garlic, capers, spicy filetto di pomodoro

  • Roasted Italian Clams10.00

    roasted garlic, sweet corn, cherry tomato, fresh thyme, & basil

  • Grilled Pulpo14.00

    arugula, cherry tomatoes, crisp garlic, lemon

  • Shrimp Chevre13.00

    saute jumbo shrimp, warm goat cheese, mushrooms, capers, grilled tomato

  • Arancini8.00

    sicilian style rice balls, bolognese, peas, mozzarella

  • Margherita Pizza8.00

    tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella, extra virgin olive oil

  • Beef Carpaccio15.00

    thin slices of filet mignon, arugula, parmigiano reggiano, extra virgin oil

  • Spiedini Alla Romana11.00

    mozzarella, prosciutto, anchovy capers


  • Pasta e' Fagioli8.00

  • Escarole & Beans8.00

  • Tortellini In Brodo8.00

  • Stracciatella Alla Romana8.00


  • Warm Goat Cheese10.00

    baby field greens, asparagus, beets, moscato vinaigrette

  • Caesar9.00

    hearts of romaine, croutons, parmesan cheese, bottagra laced caesar dressing

  • Arugula & Walnut8.00

    fennel, toasted walnut, shaves of parmigiano reggiano, walnut dressing

  • Baby Spinach9.00

    radicchio, pear, candied pecans, gorgonzola cheese, honey herb vinaigrette

  • Bottagra House7.00

    Mixed greens, cherry tomato, chickpea, artichoke, provolone, house vinaigrette

  • Italian Seafood Salad14.00

    jumbo shrimp, calamari, scungilli, lemon, garlic, extra virgin olive oil

  • Tricolore8.00

    arugula, endive, radicchio, lemon extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette

  • Caprese10.00

    fresh mozzarella, tomato, prosciutto, basil, grilled tuscan bread, extra virgin olive oil


  • Spaghetti Bottagra24.00

    shaves of tuna bottagra, sun-dried tomato, garlic & oil, toasted breadcrumbs

  • Rigatoni Vinaro17.00

    onions, peas, prosciutto, pink vodka sauce

  • Penne Toscana18.00

    mushrooms, peas, bolognese sauce

  • Gnocchi Telefono17.00

    handmade potato dumplings, tomato basil sauce, melted mozzarella

  • Linguine Vongole21.00

    little neck clams, parsley, garlic, & oil

  • Strozzapretti22.00

    sicilian eggplant, gulf shrimp, pesto vodka sauce

  • Linguini Funghi17.00

    portobello, shiitake, oyster, and porcini mushrooms, garlic truffle oil

  • Rigatoni Pomodoro16.00

    light tomato basil sauce

  • Fussili Bucati Puttanesca18.00

    anchovy, capers, olives, fresh tomato, onions toasted breadcrumbs

  • Cappellini di Mare25.00

    shrimp, calamari, scungilli, scallops, clams, mussels, filetto di pomodoro

  • Black Squid Ink Linguini23.00

    shrimp, crab meat, asparagus, grape tomatoes, garlic, white wine, basil

  • Cavatelli Broccoli Rabe19.00

    chicken, sun-dried tomato, broccoli rabe, garlic, & oil

  • Spinach Fettucine24.00

    diver sea scallops, gulf shrimp, arrabiata, sauce, touch of cream

  • *Half orders of most pasta available for appetizer
    *Whole wheat, farro & gluten-free pasta available-$3.00


  • Pollo Tradizionale19.00

    choice of francese, piccata, marsala, parmigiano

  • Vitello Tradizionale22.00

    choice of francese, piccata, marsala, parmigiano

  • Veal Saltimbocca24.00

    prosciutto, spinach, fresh mozzarella, veal demi

  • Pignoli Crusted Salmon25.00

    Wild mushroom polenta, saute spinach, truffle emulsion

  • Tilapia Provinciale23.00

    capers, tomatoes, green olives, roasted potatoes, chablis

  • Chicken Arugula21.00

    sun-dried tomato, mozzarella, mushroom, marsala sauce

  • Land & Sea34.00

    8 oz. filet mignon, garlic shrimp, truffle whipped potatoes, asparagus

  • Berkshire Pork Chop29.00

    saute broccoli rabe, carmelized onion whipped potato, port wine

  • Shrimp Scampi24.00

    Saute garlic shrimp, seasonal vegetables, roasted garlic whipped potatoes

  • Veal Milanese23.00

    breaded veal scallopini, arugula, artichokes, grape tomato, olives, lemon vinagrette

  • Sicilian Rib-Eye 16 oz.32.00

    long hot peppers, roasted garlic, rosemary, baked four cheese macaroni

  • Chicken Fantasia21.00

    artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, porcini mushrooms, brandy sauce


  • Atlantic Salmon21.00

  • Diver Sea Scallops23.00

  • Gulf Shrimp21.00

  • Fish Of The Day

  • 8 oz. Filet Mignon28.00

  • 16 oz. Ribe Eye27.00

  • 14 oz. Berkshire Pork Chop24.00

  • *Served with seasonal vegetables and roasted potatoes or arugula salad


  • Garlic Roasted Broccoli Rabe7.00

  • Carmelized Onion Whipped Potato6.00

  • Braised Spinach6.00

  • Long Hot Peppers & Potatoes8.00

  • Grilled Asparagus6.00

  • Baked Four Cheese Macaroni8.00

  • *Please notify us of any allergies

    * 20 % gratuity added to parties of 8 or more

Items and pricing subject to change without notice.
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